Karthikeyan Raman
Rushil Palavajjhala
Dharmaraj Solanki
Jacob Kohn
Chaoyun Wu
Wenzhe Peng
Ricardo Alvarez
Fabio Duarte
Penny Zheng
Bill Cai
Zhoutong Wang
Darren Bennett
Mercedes Bidart
Gonzalo Ortega
Juan Cristobal Constain
Jonathan Laguna
Francisco Susmel
Sonal Singh
Spatio Metrics
Jim Peraino
Spatio Metrics
Chandra Christmas-Rouse
Dasjon Jordan
Stefan Dienstag
Rhett James
Daniel Zillante
Zilper Trenchless
Robert Zillante
Zilper Trenchless
Rahul Agarwal
Zilper Trenchless
Luis Alayon
Zilper Trenchless
Meg Meaney
VP Market Operations Carbonite
Eric Gunther
Co-Founder SosoLimited
Amy Quigley
President MITX
Molly Heath
Executive VP JLL
Jason Vassiliades
Partner Path LLC
Jenny Larios-Berlin
CMO Optimus RIde
Alex Nasson
Advisor Zagster
Tom Pounds
CEO Yonward
Mark Gallagher
Co-founder Black Coffee
Melissa Marsh
Founder and CEO Plastarc
Prataap Patrose
Senior Advisor Long Term Planning BPDA
Svafa Grönfeldt
Senior Advisor to the Dean MIT SA+P
Ziad Hourani
Jeffrey Gates
Senior VP AvisonYoung
Karin Brandt
CEO Co-Urbanize
Meredith McPherron
Co-Founder Studio H Ventures
Eric Williams
Founder The Silver Room
Chitra Sundaram
Senior Analyst Cardinal Capital Management LLC
Leila Kamal
Principal DSK Architects+Planners
Jess Charlap
Marketing Manager Perkins Eastman
Dan Arons
Principal Perkins Eastman
Daniel Tsai
Research Fellow and Instructor
John Young
CEO Young Brands
Christina Luconi
Chief People Officer Rapid7
Pierre Beaudreau
Principal Designer & Urban Strategist Optimus Ride
Jeffrey Cassis
Business Venture Advisor
Kathleen Kennedy
Executive Director MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Amit Seth
Senior Vice President & Head of Global Strategy Hana (A CBRE Company)
Angie UyHam
Co-designer Cambridge Educators Design Lab/Cambridge Public Schools
Jason Lee
Founder FMRA
Ian Howell
Entrepreneur in Residence Building Ventures
David Block-Schachter
Chief Business Officer Transit
Travis Connors
Venture Partner Building Ventures
Alex Klatskin
General Partner Forsgate Industrial Partners
Adrian Albus
Director Growth Strategy Zagster

Do you want to leverage your unique experience and work with talented entrepreneurs at MIT? our carefully selected group of mentors include successful innovators and entrepreneurs, global executives, scientists, researchers and civic and government professionals. mentors work closely with MITdesignX teams providing strategic support as well as advice on issues such as sales and marketing, funding, ip protection, it development, manufacturing, supply chain, social impact, corporate law and more.to inquire about mentorship opportunities please contact us at: designx@mit.edu

DesignX Team

Dennis Frenchman
Faculty Director
Gilad Rosenzweig
Executive Director
Norbert Chang
Joel Carela
Program Assistant
Andrea Chegut
Head of Research
Matthew Claudel
Head of Civic Innovation

Do you want to be involved with MIT entrepreneurs at the forefront of design innovation? Yes, then join MITdesignX as civic or industry partner. the success of new ventures quite often relies on collaborative work with businesses, cities, and organizations in discovery, co-development or pilot projects. Collaboration with MITdesignX provides unique access to the next generation of technologies, products, services, and ventures and allows early stage startups with the opportunity to test and refine their work. To learn more please contact us at: designx@mit.edu

Founding Level Supporters

MITdesignX supporters include businesses and individuals, alumni, and foundations. Funding for MITdesignX and the new ventures we launch relies on forward-thinkers like you who are interested in supporting the power of creative optimism and accelerating the unique skills and imagination found in entrepreneurs at MIT. Become a supporter of MITdesignX. For more information please contact us at: designx@mit.edu