Frolic is an urban co-housing development firm. We partner with cities and future residents to develop permanently below-market high-quality homes in small-scale, context-sensitive structures. Each project will have a common room for community meals and events, shared guest rooms, and garden plots. Frolic projects activate streetscapes by allocating space for commercial tenants and maintain affordability through covenants on resale. Frolic’s goal is to create alternative options for urban living and home ownership while making cities more accessible to low and middle-income residents.

Tamara Knox

Tamara Knox is a Masters in City Planning candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She graduated from Stanford University with honors in 2012 majoring in Urban Studies. Between her studies, she worked for an urban economics consulting firm in Berkeley called Economic and Planning Systems and a development firm in Los Angeles specializing in wholesale commercial kitchens called Civic Enterprise. During her time at MIT, she won first place in the 2017 Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston Affordable Housing Development Competition. This was an interdisciplinary team project comprised of architecture, real estate, public policy and planning students from MIT and Harvard. At MIT, she is focusing her studies on real estate and exploring how to incorporate holistic urban planning values and human-scale design in thoughtful development.

Joshua Morrison

Joshua Morrison is an environmental designer educated at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (US). He is currently a Master in City Planning candidate at MIT. His design-agenda builds on a people-centered view of design and architecture, inspired by his time at Gehl Architects. Joshua moves with ease between projects at different scales, from strategies for sustainable water supply in Armenia to the public space network of the Melbourne waterfront in Australia. He worked as an urban planner for the World Bank and has urban planning and design experience in over 9 countries. He also co-founded Fundament, a multi-disciplinary design firm in Copenhagen in 2015.

Permanently Affordable Urban Co-Housing