PREPHubs are a new kind of infrastructure designed to increase disaster resilience. Composed of a flexible kit of parts, each component serves a community in both everyday and emergency scenarios.

Miho Mazereeuw

Miho Mazereeuw is an associate professor of architecture and urbanism at the School of Architecture and Planning, and the director of the Urban Risk Lab at MIT. Her research focuses on preparing communities and designing cities to prepare for disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, and hurricanes. Miho Mazereeuw taught at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and the University of Toronto prior to joining the faculty at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her design work on disaster prevention has been exhibited globally and she is currently completing her book. As the director of the Urban Risk Lab at MIT, Mazereeuw is collaborating on a number of projects with institutions and organizations in the field of disaster reconstruction/prevention and is currently working in both US cities and internationally.

Saeko Nomura Baird

Aditya Barve

Aditya Barveis a research scientist with the Urban Risk Lab in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning and coordinates lab's research in affordable housing and Disaster Risk Resilience in South Asia. Aditya is a graduate of MIT's SMArchS - Urbanism program, where he was the recipient of the MIT SA+P Master of Science in Architecture Studies Thesis Award. Aditya has completed his undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Pune, where he was awarded the University Gold Medal for the class of 2004-09. His research interests straddle the intersections of vulnerability and resilience, preparedness and mitigation, in rapidly changing urban environments.

David Moses

David Moses is trained as an architect, and is dedicated to creating long lasting, cultural artifacts at all scales. He has worked for Tod Williams and Billie Tsien Architects, Smith Miller+ Hawkinson Architects, and WOJR. He is currently a research scientist with the Urban Risk Lab in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning. He holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design from North Carolina State University, where he won the Faculty Design Award, and a Master of Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was the recipient of the Henry Adams Medal and the Arthur Rotch Prize.

Public space infrastructure for disaster resilience and response.