AirWorks makes aerial data accessible and useful to decision-makers in the built environment. We provide automated analytics such as site plans and building models through AI that allow developers and engineers to yield time and cost efficiencies as well as to identify and eliminate build errors.

David Morczinek

David is a second year MBA student at MIT Sloan where he serves as Co-President of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club and Co-President of the Watersports Club. Prior to Sloan, David worked as a sales contract negotiator at Airbus in Madrid, Spain. He negotiated aircraft and services contracts with European and Asian governments and has also worked as a program manager enabling the completion and delivery of Airbus’ most modern civil aircraft.

Adam Kersnowski

Adam Kersnowski grew up in Scarborough, Maine and graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a BS in Natural and Applied Science. Throughout his studies he apprenticed under his future father in-law in the construction industry. After moving to Boston for graduate school and facing the realities of starting a family he took his first step into the world of entrepreneurship by founding his first construction company. His passion for engineering, system and product development has allowed him to run a successful company for over twelve years. In the past three years Adam has been developing technology and processes within the UAV industry.

Norhan Bayomi

Norhan is a first year PhD Candidate in the Building Technology Program at MIT SAP. She also hold a MSc in Building Technology from MIT, after which she founded the Middle East & North Africa Climate Change Accelerator. Prior joining MIT, Nourhan co-founded Plus Design Firm, where she worked as a chief architect on several project in Egypt, KSA and the UAE. Currently, her work focuses on developing a computational workflow that aims at identifying areas with higher sensitivity for climate change risks using thermal imaging, with special focus on Middle Eastern cities.

Mia Petkova

Shaurya Agarwal

Shaurya is a first year MBA student at MIT Sloan. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, after which he joined Bain & Company as a consultant. At Bain, Shaurya worked across a broad range of industries from technology to healthcare, and built up capabilities in turnaround strategy, M&A, and organizational structuring. At Sloan, Shaurya is helping organize the 2018 Global Startup Workshop in Thailand and learning how to code in his spare time.

Maxim Doubenski

Prior to MIT Sloan, Max worked at Goldman Sachs, spending four years as an investment banker and two years in Goldman’s private equity group. In the latter role, Max invested in US manufacturing companies, working with their management teams to help grow their businesses. Max holds a B.A. in Business Economics from Brown University, where he played on the Club Tennis team for four years. At Sloan, he is the Co-President of the Adam Smith Society. In his spare time, Max enjoys reading about economics, working out, and seeing friends and family

Capturing and converting aerial imagery into digital CAD plans for site surveys and construction monitoring.