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Innovation in Venice

We are embarking on a new multi-year initiative in collaboration with our local partner SerenDPT.

MITdesignX – the Venture Accelerator of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning – will operate a new venture accelerator to support local entrepreneurs and help launch new firms and organisations dedicated to solving problems experienced in Venice as well as other coastal and historical cities, and places experiencing major loss in full time population.

To mark the launch of the program, we held a special hackathon in October 2021 to ignite ideas and jump start the imagination of local innovators:

Venice as a Model of 21st Century Innovation


SerenDPT (Serenissima Development and Preservation through Technology) is a benefit company founded in Venice, by Venetians. Their mission is to repopulate the city by inspiring and supporting the creation of startups and creating high-skill jobs that will attract young people of all ages and Venetians of any origin and welcome them as new inhabitants of the historic city.

SerenDPT operates a startup incubator and co-working space, called Fabbrica H3, inside the ex-church of Saints Cosmas and Damian on the Giudecca island in Venice.

Venice as a Model for 21st Century Innovation

To launch our new program, students, architects, planners, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders joined us at a Hackathon and Reception coinciding with this year’s Architecture Biennale to work on three major challenges facing Venice.


Global ideas for Venice: Social entrepreneurship and technology solutions for everyday Venetians and for all global citizens.


Innovation for Preservation: Structures from 1200-1900 are in need of preservation and modernization at a rapid pace.
How can their preservation also create opportunities for innovation?


A new Ground Floor for Venice: How can we design resiliency for the ‘ground floor’ that is susceptible to flooding in Venice and in low-lying communities around the world.


The hackathon was led by MITdesignX including Prof. Svafa Grönfeldt, Dennis Frenchman and Gilad Rosenzweig, and SerenDPT president Fabio Carrera.


Stay Tuned: Details from this workshop and future scheduled events will be displayed soon.