Hospital cafeterias are a place for anxiously waiting, solemnly grieving, or humbly celebrating a patient’s recovery; yet too often, they are sterile, depressing, and lacking in services.

At Levari, we create enhanced, mixed-use spaces in hospital cafeterias that provide dignified places of rejuvenation for caretakers, generate additional revenue for hospitals, and improve the holistic quality of care.

We leverage machine learning to analyze spaces, furniture, health outcomes, and human behavior to propose targeted, evidence-based interventions. By streamlining design and construction using computation, we can generate designs and deploy a ‘kit of parts’ to multiple sites. But we don’t stop there: adapting a ‘Space as Service Model,’ Levari ultimately operates the new spaces while maintaining aligned incentives with hospital facilities.

Sonal Singh

Jim Peraino

Designing, optimizing, and operating spaces that maximize wellness